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Last Updated: 12-MAY-2016

All statistics are based upon personal verification. Please use it at your own risk for reference only. Total number may be different from public list of (ISC)² since it includes active, inactive, and suspended & also certification holders who are both local & overseas Vietnamese. If you are a Vietnamese (local & overseas) CCSP and your name is not in this list, or you claim for wrong information, pls help to contact me. Thank you so much.

• For (ISC)² Certification Verification, pls take reference from here: https://webportal.isc2.org/custom/CertificationVerification.aspx
• For (ISC)² Member Counts, pls take reference from here: https://www.isc2.org/member-counts.aspx

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@PhilipHungCao, CCSP, CCSK
#Key-founder, #CSAVietnam

©2016 #CSAVietnam. All rights reserved. Please specify source when you copy or quote information from this website (Xin vui lòng trích dẫn nguồn khi bạn sao chép hay sử dụng lại thông tin từ website).

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